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Prorsum Semper

Light Blues Club

Prorsum Semper - Bringing New Freemasons Together across Gloucestershire

In Gloucestershire, we have many progressive lodges, holding regular initiation ceremonies. One of the primary aims of Prorsum Semper (the Light Blues Club) is to help a newly made Freemason navigate their way through the first three ceremonies. The club members are there to support each other and help members grow their masonic circle of friends by way of regular social events and visits to other lodges.

About Prorsum Semper

“Prorsum Semper” the motto of the county of Gloucestershire translates to “Ever Forward”. The club was founded in 2019 to provide young & newly initiated Freemasons within the province of Gloucestershire a means to socialise and meet with like-minded people of a similar age.

Membership of Prorsum Semper is open to all young and new Freemasons who have not attained Provincial honours, and whose Craft Lodge falls within Gloucestershire and under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Gloucestershire.

Membership of Prorsum Semper is FREE, however there may be a small charge for certain events organised by the club and for the purchase of the club tie, which makes club members instantly recognisable when visiting other lodges.


Club Membership

Our members come from all across the province of Gloucestershire, most are new to Freemasonry. When becoming a Freemason it is common that your masonic circle of friends is small, you may not even know anybody in your lodge when you first join. Prorsum Semper is here to support you through your initial steps from joining, through to becoming the master of your own lodge, we have all been in your shoes and know that joining an organisation and not knowing many people can be quite daunting.

We regularly visit each others’ lodges, we are there to support new candidates on their initiation night, we hold regular social events whether that is a quiet drink, a club meal or through other leisure activities.

Social Events

Being a Freemason isn’t just about ritual and dinners; it’s about becoming the best version of you, and leaving a positive impact on the world. In Freemasonry, you get out what you put in. Being an active member socially is just as important as paying your dues, learning ritual or contributing funds to the charity steward’s purse. 

Prorsum Semper exists to celebrate and encourage the feeling of camaraderie and the sense of fellowship. This feeling, extends far beyond the lodge room and festive board, and forms part of our daily lives.

Please visit our Contact Us page to find information about our social media groups, we also have a WhatsApp Group which you are able to join and keep up to date with the latest information.

To find out more about the club please visit our dedicated club website.