Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire



Our Outreach Team is made up of members who are keen to talk about Freemasonry with the wider community.

Meeting members of the public and talking informatively about Freemasonry, what it means to be a Freemason and the significant contributions made to local and national charities is what the Outreach Team is all about.

Understanding the part Freemasonry plays in wider society is key too engaging with local organisations that might benefit from charitable grants or donations being made at national, regional or local levels.

Community engagement, also helps share the positive messages Freemasonry has to potential new members, from the new friendships made, the journey of self improvement, the fun and enjoyment of meetings to supporting local charities and worthy causes by collective fund raising and grant making.

Are you passionate about Freemasonry? Would you like the opportunity to inform the public about Freemasonry in Gloucestershire by attending and supporting the various shows and events attended during the year?

For further Information please contact

Les Dance, Outreach Team Leader

07706 728232

Jason Marfell, Outreach Deputy Team Leader

07411 771026