Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Royal Union Lodge

No: 246

Who are we?

Founded in 1813 in Cirencester, the proud boast of the Lodge is that of being the oldest of (though not in!) the Province. Royal Union Lodge is so called in commemoration of the union of the former two Grand Lodges – the Antients and the Moderns in 1813. We are the third last Lodge to be warranted by the Antients, known as an Atholl Lodge (so named after successive Grand Masters, the Dukes of Atholl). We meet 9 times year, on the Third Wednesday of the Month (September-May) at the Freemason’s Hall in Cheltenham.

What we do

Like all Lodges, we hold progressive ceremonies for new members, plus have guest lectures covering all manner of topics from the history of the Lodge itself (>200yrs old), to anthropology in Papua New Guinea, to the dining hall being decorated like a tent from the Crusades adorned with shield representing Cheltenham families, to further explanations of the symbolism and meaning of Freemasonry. We give to charity, but only through our own donations, and only as much as each of us can afford, and support people in times of distress. We also enjoy a Festive Board; a post-meeting, 4 course meal, with wine, port and cheese and great company, and unlike other Lodges, we wear Dinner Suits. We meet 9 times year, on the Third Wednesday of the Month (September-May) at the Freemason’s Hall in Cheltenham

Why join us?

The Lodge has a fine and long history, including being the oldest of (though not in!) the Province. We have had fathers and sons join and go through the Chair, and have a very proud heritage, including supporting and sponsoring other lodges in the province. Biannually we host or visit our daughter lodge, Cotteswold Lodge, in Cirencester. We also have a good balance of established and new members (and younger members) to keep the heartbeat of the Lodge going.
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When we meet

3rd Wednesday in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May.

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Number Of Meetings:

9 per year

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Where We Meet

Cheltenham Freemasons’ Hall

2 Portland Street Cheltenham GL52 2PB