Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Perseverance Lodge

No: 4554

Who are we?

Consecrated on the 16th October 1923. Meeting at the Freemasons’ Hall in Cheltenham.

What we do

Perseverance Lodge was consecrated in October 1923 at the Town Hall, Cheltenham and became the first Lodge to be consecrated in Cheltenham. The two original Cheltenham based Lodges came to the town from elsewhere and it took a great deal of ‘perseverance’ from W Bro Harry Poulton to persuade these two Lodges to sponsor the formation of the new Perseverance Lodge – hence the name!

Why join us?

The membership of the Lodge is currently 50 and has a wide and varied mix of Brethren from most walks of life and ages. It could be described as a Lodge that is very welcoming, works hard and has great pride in the standard of its Ritual and Ceremonies whilst at the same time playing hard with members, enjoying each other’s company especially at social events. Our most notable member was Sir George Dowty founder of the famous aeroplane parts manufacturing company that bore his name for many years in the Cheltenham area. New members would be best attracted to a Lodge run on strong traditions which conducts itself to high Masonic standards. Ideally new members would embrace this and contribute to the Lodge.
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When we meet

2nd Wednesday in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May.

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Number Of Meetings:

9 per year

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Where We Meet

Cheltenham Freemasons’ Hall

2 Portland Street Cheltenham GL52 2PB