Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Old Patesian Lodge

No: 7828

Who are we?

Consecrated on the 28th April 1962. Meeting at the Freemasons’ Hall in Cheltenham.

What we do

Cheltenham Pate’s Grammar School was founded with a fund bestowed to Corpus Christi College, Oxford by college fellow, Richard Pate in 1574. Old Patesian Lodge was founded by 29 old boys of the school, ‘Old Patesians’, and consecrated in April 1962 with over 80 Masons present including many well-known local names. Originally, the Lodge admitted Old Patesians only but with the merger with the Girls Grammar School, fewer old boys could be recruited and membership was opened up to all.

Why join us?

With an average age of 64 and now only a very small Lodge of only 22 members, whilst proudly upholding the excellent traditions of the Lodge, its ethos has become one where the enjoyment of the meetings is paramount and it has recently attracted a good number of prospective younger Candidates and Joining Members. The Lodge meets at the historic Freemasons’ Hall in Cheltenham, 5 times a year for which the annual subscription is only £100. The dress code is Dark Suit and Old School Tie. ‘Old Pats’ has become known by members and visitors alike as ‘The Fun Lodge’ where all can rely on a warm welcome.
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When we meet

1st Wednesday in February, 3rd Tuesday in April and September, 1st Friday in November, and the 1st Saturday in December.

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Number Of Meetings:

5 per year

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Where We Meet

Cheltenham Freemasons’ Hall

2 Portland Street Cheltenham GL52 2PB