Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Old Marlingtonian Lodge

No: 8499

Who are we?

Consecrated on 24th March 1973. Meeting at the Freemasons’ Hall in Stroud.

What we do

Formed in 1973 as an Old School Lodge, now includes members who are not former scholars of Marling School in Stroud.

Why join us?

Our current age range is from men in their twenties to our oldest member who is ninety two. The Lodge is proud of its friendly and welcoming manner. Current members include personnel with a former background in the Military and Police as well as a Chiropractor, NHS workers, Engineers, Business men and tradesmen, a wide-ranging mix. People from all backgrounds would find they have much in common with us. We recognise every member has different talents and therefore encourage all members to take an active part in Lodge meetings and assist them to succeed
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When we meet

4th Saturday in January, March, September, November, and the 3rd Friday in May.

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Number Of Meetings:

5 per year

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Where We Meet

Stroud Freemasons’ Hall

12 The Hill Merrywalks Stroud GL5 4EP