Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Lydda Lodge

No: 9682

Who are we?

We are Lydda Lodge and proud of it. We began on the 30th January 1999 and meet at the Freemasons Hall, Downend, which is situated on Shrubbery Road, between Staple Hill and Downend. We have a great balance of newer and experienced Masons with members ages ranging from 21 to 80 and an average age of approx. 55. We have a varied background of work professions and industries including building, legal, motor, electrical, insurance, policing and IT as a few examples. We see ourselves as a close Lodge with many strong friendships, as demonstrated by the number of two generation members I.e., father and sons and one father, son and grandson. A warm welcome is always guaranteed at Lydda Lodge.

What we do

We are a dinner jacket (or dark suit) Lodge, normally meeting at 6:30pm for our ceremony which we take seriously and enjoy. We totally appreciate and understand that sometimes arriving at this time can be a challenge so arriving late is not a problem. At approx. 8:15pm we dine at our ‘festive board’ and enjoy fine dining with three courses, formal and informal toasts and responses and a raffle. We normally formally finish at 10:00 -10:15pm, although members can stay later and continue socialising. We pride ourselves on developing our newer members who wish to proceed and currently have two ‘Brothers’ under 30 years of age in key offices.

Why join us?

We are different to most Lodges as we only meet four times per year, so Lydda is a great introduction into Freemasonry as the commitment is less. We meet on the second Wednesday in February, May and December and on the second Saturday in October. Additionally, being so family/friend orientated, at two of our four meetings we invite our partners, friends and colleagues to our festive board to enjoy great food, toasts and responses and on occasions be-spoke entertainment, please see pictures below. Following your joining of Lydda Lodge, where desired and appropriate, we can offer a speedy progress through the various offices to enhance your Masonic career.

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When we meet

2nd Wednesday in Feb, May and Dec. 2nd Sat in Oct.

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Number Of Meetings:

4 per year

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Where We Meet

Downend Freemasons’ Hall

Shrubbery Road Downend BS16 5TB