Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire

Lodge of Light and Reflection

No: 9736

Who are we?

Consecrated on the 1st September 2001. Meeting at the Freemasons’ Hall in Avonmouth.

What we do

The Lodge emblem consists of a window in the centre surrounded by a life belt. The base of the emblem is adorned by laurel leaves bearing berries and a ribbon with the words “In Luce Convenimus” meaning “we meet in the light”. The window is divided into four segments depicting the sun, the volume of the sacred law, the square and compasses and the family. The significance of the Lodge emblem is explained as follows: The clear window represents openness and the ability to see what is going on around us whilst offering a degree of protection against intruders. The life belt represents the rescuing of Masons who by virtue of age are choosing not to attend their Lodge or are considering terminating their membership of the craft. The daytime Lodge provides a viable and valuable alternative for brethren in their senior years who find it uncomfortable to dine late in the day, or who do not wish to be out or driving late at night. The volume of the sacred law and the square and compasses represent the three great lights in Freemasonry. The sun represents both the friendly warmth extended by Freemasons to each other and their visitors, and its position indicates the time the Lodge intends to meet in the daytime. The caring hand of Freemasonry supports the family group, whilst we reflect upon the importance of the family unit, our role in society and within our own local community. The evergreen laurel leaves bearing red berries represents the healthy everlasting nature of Freemasonry. The colours are meant to represent yellow for the sun, blue for the sky, green for the earth and red for joy.

Why join us?

Would you consider joining/becoming a member of our Daytime Lodge, in the south of Gloucestershire/Bristol border?
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When we meet

2nd Wednesday in September, November, March, and May. Meetings start at 11.00am.

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Number Of Meetings:

4 per year

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Where We Meet

Avonmouth Freemasons’ Hall

Portview Road Avonmouth BS11 9JE