Provincial Grand Lodge Of Gloucestershire



Membership of the Gloucestershire Provincial Golfing Society is open to members of any Gloucestershire Lodge, Chapter or other Order or those who meet in other Provinces but live in Gloucestershire.

Founded in 1970, Gloucestershire has been pleased to be represented playing official Provincial matches with our neighbouring Provinces and we always look forward to a full sporting calendar in the year ahead. We are always looking to extending our membership of active golfers who would be interested in joining our golfing events and representing the Gloucestershire on the the golf course.

It is usual for various independentlyarranged golfing events and charity golf days to be arranged by Gloucestershire Freemasons and their Lodges. In Gloucestershire we welcome the involvement of friends and family at our golf days and encourage our members to bring guests along as our events ate open to all Gloucestershire Freemasons and their family and friends.

Our membership is open to players of all standards, and all players who wish to turn up for an event or match are included in the days play. An official handicap index is not a pre-requisite of membership. The annual membership fee is currently £12.00.

For further information, please contact Chris Golbourn, GMGS Secretary on 07365 225100 or email: